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Bank of China NZ initiated its operation in New Zealand on the 21st of November 2014. Subsequently, it received official registration from the Government of New Zealand.   For the people of New Zealand, the banking group offers a series of financial products and services.

Bank of China NZ Services

  • Retail banking
  • Corporate banking and commercial loan
  • Current accounts
  • Fixed deposits
  • International money exchange and settlements
  • Mortgages and home lending and
  • Trade finance
  • And others

Administered by China’s Central Bank, the subsidiary is specialized in diversified banking activities, money management and operates in NZ as a major global exchange bank.

Bank of China NZ Contacts

Level 17, No. 205 Queen Street
Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: 09 980 9000, 0800 695566
Email: [email protected]

Bank of China NZ Branches

There is only one branch of Bank of China which is located in Auckland.

Bank of China Auckland Branch

Level 17, 205 Queen Street, Auckland Central
Auckland 1024, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 980 9000 / 0800 695 566

Bank of China NZ SWIFT Code

The SWIFT system is a messaging network used by banks to send information like money transfer orders quickly, accurately and securely. If you ever transfer money overseas, more than likely it happens using the SWIFT system. 


Bank of China Mobile Banking

Service profile 
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (New Zealand) Limited (hereinafter referred to as ICBC New Zealand) provides personal mobile banking services to customers holding ICBC New Zealand debit or credit card. Mobile banking  includes my account, transfer and remittance, term deposit, credit card, loan, foreign exchange transaction and other services, with both Chinese and English versions available. Mobile banking service has a convenient, rich functions, safe and reliable features.

Application features
1.My account
Display current account, term account, credit card and loan account information.
2.Local and international money transfer
Provide local payment, international money transfer, my payee, payment instructions query, auto payment query and other functions.
3.Term deposit
Provide new term deposit set up, query and modify instructions on maturity day and other functions.
4.Foreign exchange transaction
Display NZD, USD and CNY quotes and charts information, support real-time foreign exchange trading transactions, and provide positions and transaction query functions.
5.Credit card
Display basic information and statements of the credit cards, credit card  repayment method, EFTPOS password settings and method to accept the  statements.
6.Personal loans
Display the basic information of personal loans, repayment details and repayment schedule and other information.
7. Smart Saver
Provide open Smart Saver account, change linked account , manage auto  deposit and inquiry the history details.

Additional features
1.Mobile banking service can set up a new term deposit, and may have the opportunities to enjoy a more favorable interest rate.
2.Easy to transfer funds locally or internationally.
3.Mobile banking support foreign exchange transactions. No need to visit the Branch. Instead, conduct foreign exchange transactions on your own phone 24/7.
4.With the ICBC electronic password token being used, you are assured with a high confidence to the safety of your account. 
5.Mobile banking support Fingerprint/Gesture login now.

Set up guide
1.Open a bank account with ICBC NZ, then activate online banking function.
2. Installation and login 
a)Step 1: scan the QR code to download the mobile banking application, or in the “Apple Store” or “Google Play” search and download ICBC mobile banking application. When the installation is complete, the main menu will automatically generate icon of ICBC mobile banking application.
b)Step 2: Enter the mobile banking icon, select the region and language, then restart the application.
c)Step 3: Enter the same user name and password as to the online banking and start using the mobile banking application.
3.When installing the mobile banking application, the following requirements are need to be met:
a) iPhone IOS system version should be higher than (including) 4.3 version.
b)Android operating system version should be higher than (including) 4.0 version.

ICBC NZ Branch contact 
Branch address:2 Queen Street, Auckland City,New Zealand 
Phone number:0064 9 374 7266
Opening hours:Mon to Fri 9:00 – 16:00 (close on weekends and public holidays)

This information is for your reference only. It’s subject to the provisions of ICBC New Zealand’s working procedures and subsequent changes. For your convenience, please visit our website or contact us by phone for more information prior to visiting our Branch.

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